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Hey everyone, i dont know if yu heard about this site yet, but its [url][/url]. It has many message boards for skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, and mountain boarding. It has a section for music and other stuff not related to the boarding sports. It also has one of the most competitive arcades around!

So if you want, come by and check out the site. We just started last month and are still looking for members.  

29 Mar 2006 04:42
prettyb mad-arse boards but im still not going to site


meh wat u gonna do  

29 Mar 2006 10:09
why did you type cucumber ?  

29 Mar 2006 21:28
cause hes stupid  

29 Mar 2006 23:15
i think he as' a problm with food  

30 Mar 2006 01:59

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