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been riding for a while now and am ready to learn some more "diffucult" stuff. i'd like to start learning crankflips, bunnyhop manuals, icepicks stuff liek that. anybody have any tips for me?  

02 Jul 2003 16:51
Welcome abroad xIKillKittensx :wink:
as for your question I'll post some articles soon... be sure to check back again 8)

PS: maan, what's up with the nick? :mrgreen:  

08 Jul 2003 20:01
well what u wwanna do is curl ur foot the one that is in front and push down on the back peddal and kick backwards with the one that is in front and that should spin the crank and keep trying till u got it down good then try bunnyhopping then do it .......... hop maneuls are fairly easy when u try them first learn how to do both really good then just link them toghther  

11 Feb 2004 03:22
shakey jake
when u are trying to do bunnyhoe to manuals wen you get onto a ledge u will need to lean back alot more than u think. keep leanin untill u flip it an the the point jus before that is where u can manual.

icepicks are pretty much the same as bunnyhop manuals, but you need to lean into the ledge that u are grindin a little.

good luck

shakey jake  

13 Feb 2004 13:54
yer learn harder tricks!! they suck learn to do a 180 down a stairset  

18 Feb 2004 22:57
yea i agree witth the last comment but 180 suck do 360 there great fun and england is shite always raining here  

24 Dec 2006 22:21
so what if its always raining we have very large indoor skate parks so it dosent matter if it is raining or not  

02 Jan 2007 18:25
[QUOTE=xerobmx]yea i agree witth the last comment but 180 suck do 360 there great fun and england is shite always raining here[/QUOTE]

Ye but a 180 is harder than a 360 and i think they feel better  

04 Jan 2007 15:57
yeah cause you gotta worry about rolling out....try a 540...those are hard.. i almost landed one once  

05 Jan 2007 01:30
its alright if you have a freecoster, then the only thing you need to worry about is running any old ladies over  

06 Jan 2007 01:29
devil me
well can u help me bunny hop? i will send a picture of my bike and u will tell me if it is good enough for bunny hoping  

09 Jan 2007 07:08
Any bike is good enough for bunny hopping you just need to be able to do one first  

09 Jan 2007 22:49
i do horse hops... i cant bunny hop normal like that... i only do horse hops  

10 Jan 2007 02:00
What do you mean horsehop? Like both wheels at the same time?  

10 Jan 2007 07:21
no front wheel then back wheel... i can do back wheel then front wheel too.....  

11 Jan 2007 01:23
Going front wheel then back wheel is the best way to do it.  

11 Jan 2007 03:06
Its a lot easier and you can get 10 times higher  

12 Jan 2007 22:19
devil me
so y'all can teach me how to do manuals  

15 Jan 2007 07:13
lean back and balance........  

15 Jan 2007 10:43
words wont help you learn a trick youve got to be able to watch it  

16 Jan 2007 18:57

16 Jan 2007 18:59

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