new rim :)

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i got a new back rim today, its and odyssey hazard lite chrome rim with an odyssey hazard cassette hub and primo red spokes, its so sweet, im gunna go put it on soon i cant wait  

29 Mar 2006 21:54
Get alowed of this guy..... lol noob  

29 Mar 2006 22:34

stupid noob, get out of here  

29 Mar 2006 23:20
[QUOTE=Koob-A7X]Get alowed of this guy..... lol noob[/QUOTE]

wtf??!?!?!?!?!??! you are the new one shut up no one has any respect anymore there just like NOOB NOOB NOOB NOOB

EVERYONE WAS A FUCKING NOOB sometime so stop giving shit to people who are trying to learn bmx and this guy is good anyways.

good purchase i like the red spokes and i hear that hub is good  

30 Mar 2006 02:35
its lloyd posting, i dont have anything against that guy, im just fucking around.  

31 Mar 2006 04:30
chris bmxer
no koob is trying to copy lloyd look at the names carefully  

31 Mar 2006 07:12
when do i see pictures of this odyssey stuff?  

31 Mar 2006 16:14
its ok me and koob are liek best friends man lol, we always go biking together and we go to skool together  

31 Mar 2006 23:31
did he change his name? there was some other guy you talked about lived down your street and stuff, but i cant remember exactly whAT IT WAS

WHOOPS CAPS ARE ON, thats better  

31 Mar 2006 23:48
:Points and laughs:

you still don't have the 2001 oddyssey hazard casset lite prototype. :p  

31 Mar 2006 23:50
unearth lives on my street too, me koob and unearth go biking together like everyday in the summer  

31 Mar 2006 23:53
ya so u can all calm down lol  

04 Apr 2006 01:40
you guys are so gay i wish i had friends to go biking with. everyone i know just skates  

05 Apr 2006 23:37
same it makes me angry. but we. :) i am always so it addictive or wut?  

06 Apr 2006 03:56
i couldnt go biking without friends, iunno its so boring biking alone  

06 Apr 2006 06:04
it makes me twitch :)  

06 Apr 2006 23:58
[QUOTE=LlOyD_A7X]i couldnt go biking without friends, iunno its so boring biking alone[/QUOTE]

its nice sometimes and relaxing, helps me clear my mind  

11 Apr 2006 23:25
i kinda stoped bmxing for the moment cuz i cant find a bike....i have no money so stop telling me to buy one or giving me offers unless they are free plz!!!!  

11 Apr 2006 23:40
are you old enough to get a job? sell candy at your school i made $300 a week at least at 1 point  

12 Apr 2006 04:07
well i heard this place where i live has an opening for a video game tester for 50 american dollars a day.....i have to checkit out....but to get there u have to drive...or get run over  

12 Apr 2006 20:55
wut do you mean or get run over ?  

13 Apr 2006 20:42
you would prolly have to walk on a busy street iono  

13 Apr 2006 22:01
dubl_a_ron the sayin" if u can dodge cars u can dodge a ball" lol from dodge ball where that old guy says that. :) lol  

14 Apr 2006 00:00

if you can dodge hundreds of 68calibur paint filled balls flying at 200mph, you can dodge a car.  

14 Apr 2006 00:04
true. but shit i cant doge stuff like that so ya.....  

14 Apr 2006 00:12
lol. paintball has it's advantages in life.  

14 Apr 2006 00:14
yaya lol :)  

14 Apr 2006 00:16
anyone want a shitty brass eagle pb gun?

double finger trigger semi-auto its pretty much the shit, and wheni say the shit, i mean shit  

14 Apr 2006 18:41
if it's free, i'll take it.  

14 Apr 2006 19:34
no im sure someone will eventually give me something for it. i actually have a pretty decent co2 tank  

14 Apr 2006 21:27
ya same ill take it if its free too lol  

14 Apr 2006 21:27
Thats a pretty good rim setup, im getting the Odyssey Cassette Hazard hub with the Sun City Light rim and maybe Sapim black double butted spokes. I get my stuff from Dan's Comp.  

15 Apr 2006 01:17
ya i order stuff from dans comp but its cheaper for me to order from candaian sites  

15 Apr 2006 01:58
come on were talking about paintball, get with it. lol

i went paintballing at woodward once, it was alright. but its too expensive to own all your stuff.  

15 Apr 2006 02:19
[QUOTE=bobe]come on were talking about paintball, get with it. lol

i went paintballing at woodward once, it was alright. but its too expensive to own all your stuff.[/QUOTE]
lets see.

my pants -$130
my team jersey -$60
my gloves -$30
my cleats -$30
my mask -$80
--new mirror lenses -$30
my tank -$210
my hopper -$110
my gun's total -$1100
back up gun -$200(same as main, not upped)

Not to mention $35/case of paint (atleast I get a team discount 'cause $50 is too much), $15 entry, Tounry fee's, traveling, food, and replacinf stuff that breaks.

somehow, i managed to own all of my own gear. bobe:rolleyes:  

15 Apr 2006 05:07
are u watching the pb tournaments on tv? ive seen they have been on the last few days espn 2  

15 Apr 2006 21:03
Every monday at 10PM easter time. Last year's NPPL super 7. Too bad I already know who wins each round, and that Dynasty is winning the whole thing.

I'm still watching it though.

HOLY SHIT! Quick reply works finaly.  

15 Apr 2006 21:07
omg it does!!  

15 Apr 2006 21:27
i cant afford all that, and i dont really want to anyway  

17 Apr 2006 23:42
man i dont paintball but me and my frends have airsoft wars i have like a shotgun,automatic,and a pistol all for airsoft  

18 Apr 2006 00:39
ya me n my friends have airsoft wars too  

18 Apr 2006 00:41
do u live in platteville?  

18 Apr 2006 00:57
nope i live in winnipeg, manitoba

woot canada !!!  

18 Apr 2006 02:11
Airsoft. Pfft.

<3 Paintball  

18 Apr 2006 17:12
i would go with painball but me and any of my frends dont have any money lol  

18 Apr 2006 23:42
I have no money either. Lol.  

19 Apr 2006 02:07

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