i saw a car crash

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on my way to school i saw a car crash...this is where the rant begins, so put on a coffee

as my mom and i pulled to a red light in the left turn lane, the people that were going straight just got a green light. so theyre going, everythings fine...but then, and ambulance comes up from the other road and is going to make a u-turn to get onto the road we were on. SO, this red light is at the top of a hill so this guy comes hauling ass up the hill and when he sees the ambulance making the u-turn he slam his brakes, and hard. you could see the smoke coming from his tires. and then this guy coming from behind him tries to brake but isnt paying attention. he slam into that car that braked and they moved up about 4 feet. it was great!! the ambulance stopped and the driver was like "oh damn" twiddling his thumbs and all. then we went to school.

*end of rant*  

31 Mar 2006 16:31
i wish i was there  

01 Apr 2006 00:48

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