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well i just started surfing yesterday and i have MANY problems such as falling like anyother begginer but still having problems getting up and such and such...my current board is like 6'2-4" not too sure but im getting a 7'6" ASAP...i want to learn short board riding so i hard 7-8 is a good range. and i was wonder if anyone is willing to teach me a few things in the 310 area code i was really appreciate it.

13 Jul 2003 18:24
Welcome abroad xaznxpunkx :wink:
well, grab your board, jump in and try hard dude. It's not rocket science :mrgreen:  

13 Jul 2003 19:49
hahah well i'm trying :D it's a bit hard with such a short board though but i'll manage until i get a bigger one!!

14 Jul 2003 18:41
I see... what're your stats?  

14 Jul 2003 23:20
the board i got collecting dust, well about to collect dust in my garage is like 6'-0 to i tihnk 6'2" but i'm not too sure. the one im hoping to get,if my cousins tell me that he can hook me up, is a 7'6" fun board. a fwe guys on this other board told me it's a good board to begin on if i want to shortboard so im planning on getting one of those fun boards.  

14 Jul 2003 23:39

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