lets all catch up on a few things.

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well, i've decided to come back to this site.

in the past 2 or so months i've left, a few things have happened.

1)i started a company, sorry, not bmx. lol
2)my bike was stolen
3)i got my bike back with $650 in damage and stolen parts
4)i'm suing my school for assisting in theft, school cop for assisting in theft, and the kid for felony theft.
5)i'm going to kill the little douche bag.

31 Mar 2006 23:32
wow that kinda sucks, but why would your skool assist in stealing your bike ?  

31 Mar 2006 23:35
the kid is on video cutting my 1/4" steel braided cable and the kid confessed, and the school is doing nothign about it.

the school cop told the kid to bring my bike back, and even helped the kid pull it out of his mom's car. meanwhile, the cop knows that the kid is on house arrest for criminal tresspassing/arson/possession of 20grames or more of marijuana.

the kid got off scotch free, but he'll be loved by bubba soon. the cop will be fired also.

and for those of you who still know how much my bike "was" worth, the cop called me, my mom, my friends, and my dad a "fucking liars. there is no way in hell that the bike is even worth more then $500 brand new!" well, my back wheel set worth $500 brand new.  

31 Mar 2006 23:40
can you send me the video and wre you the one that filmed it?  

31 Mar 2006 23:45
it's my school's security camera and they are even refusing to release it to the court. i smell a big settlement when i sue my school.  

31 Mar 2006 23:48
what are you going to do with youre hundred thousand?

quit school...  

31 Mar 2006 23:50
my company shure could use a sand blaster, bead blaster, cnc, another lathe, another drill press, and a shit load of aluminum.

and then...
some more guns 'cause 3 paintball guns is not enough.

and then...
strippers, lots of strippers.  

31 Mar 2006 23:55
haha lol! always gotto go with the stripers ^_^! wut business do u run? maybe a=can i get a job?  

01 Apr 2006 20:45
lol, well now hes on easy street.

you won the lotto dude!!  

02 Apr 2006 02:16
man i am gonna find a job cuz i have trouble at winning the lotto  

02 Apr 2006 20:42
[QUOTE=dubl_a_ron]haha lol! always gotto go with the stripers ^_^! wut business do u run? maybe a=can i get a job?[/QUOTE]
look in my sig you dumbfuck.  

03 Apr 2006 06:46
hey when i asked it wasnt there... tho i am a dumbfuck.  

05 Apr 2006 01:09
this is what was in my sig when you asked.

[quote] Dementedproducts <check out my company[/quote]
i don't feel liek typing out the url code so i just put the name rigth now.  

05 Apr 2006 07:01
new with me? everything  

05 Apr 2006 23:33
[QUOTE=Therejectedbmxer]this is what was in my sig when you asked.

i don't feel liek typing out the url code so i just put the name rigth now.[/QUOTE]
yaya i am just a horrible sighted dumb ass! :)
o ya u can call me aaron  

06 Apr 2006 03:48
hello...... aaron...........  

06 Apr 2006 04:52
hi aarron

06 Apr 2006 05:26
bonjour aaron  

06 Apr 2006 06:06
chris bmxer
dubl a=aa+ron=aaron I am good at maths :)  

06 Apr 2006 22:56
hahaha nice job

chris bmxer
chris and you like to bmx

how good am i? hahaha  

06 Apr 2006 23:20
chris bmxer
spaz and tix
very cool  

06 Apr 2006 23:24
actually it was the name of my old band. we got the name because it was the name of our bass players old band  

06 Apr 2006 23:53
i play guitatr acoustic only tho >_< i want to get a electric one soon  

06 Apr 2006 23:57
i play the "electric twanging shrad machine" as spaz calls it. lol. i need to get an acoustic; stairway to heaven just doesn't sound right on elec.  

07 Apr 2006 01:19
dude i shread the guitar right now im playing ironman by balck sabbath for a school project exept im changing the words so i tcounts as my project cus i have to do something.  

07 Apr 2006 01:50
thats n awsome song. i hate bar cords!!!!! but i have the cd of black sabbath  

07 Apr 2006 03:45
for changing the words to iron man, i will e-bitch slap you. you need to leave ozzy's words alone, and his words are the only ones that can EVER be pared with tony's riffs.

[end rant]  

07 Apr 2006 05:44
chris bmxer
Have you lost your mind?
Can you see or are you blind?
Can you walk at all,
Or if you move will you fall?
are you alive or dead?
Have you thought within your head?
We’ll just pass you there
Why should we even care?

you was turned to steel
In the great magnetic field
Where you traveled time
For the future of mankind

Nobody wants you
you just stares at the world
Planning his vengeance
That you will soon unfold

Now the time is here
For iron man to spread fear
Vengeance from the grave
Kills the people he once saved

Nobody wants you
They just turn their heads
Nobody helps you
Now you have your revenge

Heavy boots of lead
Fills your victims full of dread
Running as fast as they can
Iron man lives again!  

07 Apr 2006 21:52
it's official. i hate all people who speak greek. lol  

07 Apr 2006 23:07
chris bmxer
why all people i am the only who writes crap and make you angry 8)  

08 Apr 2006 09:57
i'm just fuckin' with ya. lol
that was actualy good.  

09 Apr 2006 02:12
[QUOTE=Therejectedbmxer]it's official. i hate all people who speak greek. lol[/QUOTE]
i think thats kinda random......but who kares..did bobe leave cuz i know alota people did.like ram man and spaztix i think.T_T  

09 Apr 2006 20:02

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