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well, it's been a while since i skate. but still, i'm suck at it. but anyways, i have trouble looking for a place 2 skate. so u see, i got two options. First, i got a small space at my backyard and the second option is at this local skatepark that is like far away from my home. i really enjoy going the local skate park but not too often because that place gives me the creep 'cos i'm the only one there n my friends r not around. so what should i do then?

Just go n skate there by myself n without care if that place is empty? it's pretty daunting, please help me! i'm like so damn clueless about where 2 skate.  

01 Apr 2006 17:28
well if u live in plattevill i will show u a couple of places.  

01 Apr 2006 18:17
my favorite skatepark is in baltimore, (40 minute drive), so i built a box. ill have pictures someday  

02 Apr 2006 02:22
yes this i beleive  

02 Apr 2006 02:38
ive got pictures but theyre on my camera and need to be developed. not having a digital camera sucks  

03 Apr 2006 01:52
chris bmxer
my dad is a photographer so i have a lot of digital cameras :)  

03 Apr 2006 17:29
ya didgital cameras are the bomb!i have one  

04 Apr 2006 04:16
you and your friends should just skate out in the street.  

22 Apr 2006 22:36
i do do that too........but i have reely sharp curbs so i cant stalll htey are just messed up.........but i use a bucket  

22 Apr 2006 23:58
[QUOTE=chris bmxer]my dad is a photographer so i have a lot of digital cameras :)[/QUOTE]

i read somewhere that your country is in a civil war right now, is that true?  

23 Apr 2006 08:16
really?wuts the war about?like howd they start it?  

25 Apr 2006 03:38
how am i supposed to know, its a civil war. if he didnt get killed yet maybe hell tell us.  

26 Apr 2006 00:19
well u can also just go skating threw you town and stuff  

01 Aug 2006 23:37
stop[ it bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

02 Aug 2006 00:16
k aaron just stfu hes obviously not listening  

02 Aug 2006 02:40

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