they totalled my bike~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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i was just hit by a freakin car and they totalled my bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

01 Apr 2006 20:34
shit appens  

01 Apr 2006 20:52
{sigh} true but i olny have 3 cents so i cant get another one. but damn that bike lasted a long time and alot stuff happened to it but now it finally died T_T  

02 Apr 2006 02:41
ask your parents to buy a new bike, then slowly pay them back  

02 Apr 2006 19:51
i already owe them over 120 dollars  

02 Apr 2006 20:41
have you ever heard of small claims court and the number 911?

if the people took off, and did not even call the cops, that is a felony(hit and run). you can get thousands of $ and there is no way you can loose. that there will give you a new bike, possible medical bills, paying your parents back. plus, they will be in jail for a felony.  

02 Apr 2006 21:19
damn i am an idiot. i dont remember wut colour the car was.or the lisence plate. see i told u i was a dumbfuck  

05 Apr 2006 01:11
i thought it was i who called you a dumbfuck? lol

too bad you don't remember, you could have gotten a large sum of $ + in the u.s., in the case of a hit and run, the vehicle used in the hit and run(if owned by the offender) rightfully becomes property of the victem of victems parents(if under the legal driving age or does not have a drivers license).

[size=7]POST 666. FUCK YEA!!![/size]  

05 Apr 2006 07:03
yea seriously if someone hits you you have gots to get there info

that happened to my friend he was about to let the lady go and we werre like waaaait you gots to give us ur plate numbers and shiit  

05 Apr 2006 23:32
{sigh} man it was a nice car too like eclipse.thats all i remember. but we have a ass load of em here  

06 Apr 2006 03:53
Surely you can remember more info about the car you just got hit by??  

09 Apr 2006 15:17
I just thought, i have a bike you can buy, Hoffman Disrupter but its in the UK.

09 Apr 2006 15:19
yaya i dont remen=ber a thing but i ran after it.(couldnt use my bike obviously) but it was hit and run..ya i dont have any money.cant barrow from my mum (owe hewr 150 american dollars)  

09 Apr 2006 19:57

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