i am so happy!^_^

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this barley has any thing to do wwith skating but i got a grl frend who finnally likes skaters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

01 Apr 2006 20:47
i havent really met a girl who doesnt like skaters lol  

02 Apr 2006 19:59
yaya but the skaters where i live are jerks and posers so....ya  

02 Apr 2006 20:40
i havent tried to meet a girl at all  

03 Apr 2006 01:50
theres always these slutty girls that hang around our skatepark  

03 Apr 2006 22:51
my grl isnt slutty tho!isnt that a surprise!  

04 Apr 2006 04:15
i wasnt saying shes slutty but thats good that she isnt  

04 Apr 2006 21:18
yaya she wont cheat on me ^_^  

05 Apr 2006 01:02
chris bmxer
nobody of my school knows what is skate ok they know but they dont know like tricks, skaters , boards etc or bmx. :mad:  

05 Apr 2006 15:12
i started talking to this new girl shes like the coolest girl ever. and then we started going out and my gf is not only the hottest girl in school but like so insanely awesome to be with and only lives 3 streets away from me  

05 Apr 2006 23:31
hey she just broke up with me so lol ! :) shit happens right so i asked thuis other grl out but she didnt answer yet but the letter she replyed to she sed love felicia at the end so i think its a good thing so all these kids(5 of em) are angry cuz i asked her out and we got into a huge fist fight and it was me and my frend mitch arainst 5 kids ! it was hilarious cuz those kids couldnt take me and mitch! it was so funny!  

06 Apr 2006 03:43
how old are you aaron ?  

06 Apr 2006 06:08
13 :) haha i am so happy cuz i got another grlfrend!!  

06 Apr 2006 23:54
chris bmxer
your changing your girls like your t-shirts  

07 Apr 2006 21:56
you sound like your in liek grade 5 lol  

07 Apr 2006 22:42
yaya alot of people guess that. i always wear sweatshirts so how could they like my shirt? lol just kiddin i get wut u mean  

08 Apr 2006 01:00

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