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any body got any ideas on how much a nearly new diomandback demon would be worth caus im sellin mine and i think my price might be a bit too high..................  

03 Apr 2006 18:13
what's the condition, any other upgrade parts, and msrp?  

04 Apr 2006 03:20
The bike is pristine part from a few scraches

also the bike is standard

P.S. if any one nose how to put a pici on can u please tell me so then i can put a pic of mi diomandback on cheers..........  

04 Apr 2006 09:23
you're still not giving us enough information to apraise the bike.

standard? is that stock or a standard bottom bracket?

and wtf is the msrp?  

04 Apr 2006 16:59
stock no upgrade parts at all

wtf is msrp ?  

04 Apr 2006 17:42
manufacturers suggested retail price
i.e., what diamondback says to sell the bike new for.  

05 Apr 2006 06:59
well i bought the bike new for £190 and the second hand price for one the same condition as mine is £80 but im only asking £70 and have had no intrest.........  

05 Apr 2006 17:29
i suppose that sounds good  

05 Apr 2006 23:35
put it on eBay for £60 and it should go up to atleast 90, or eBay doesnt work anymore.  

06 Apr 2006 04:37
cheers ill get it on wen i get ome  

06 Apr 2006 09:46
ebay can be a rip off tho cause there prices have gone up alot cause you have to pay them depending on how much you sell your item for.  

06 Apr 2006 16:49

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