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Hi guys i want to get started on bmxing, can any of you guys tell me whats a good start off bike to get. My budget is nothing to much ova australian $500, and i live in Australia so sum of the brands of bikyou may suggest i may nt have acess to. Some of the brandsi can get my hands on are specailized, ABD, Dimaondback, Mongoose, Federal, Wethepeople etc.

So far i'm quite cean on getting the specailized fuse 2 2006 model.

Cheers, Reeece.  

04 Apr 2006 13:38
well, just a warning; there are a lot of "trolls" on thsi site and you might learn nothing.

check my site out under the newbie forum. it has a "bike list for noobs and others" to which i've posted a few specs and prices of basicaly. every 05-earlu 06 model bmx bike.
the link is in my signature.  

04 Apr 2006 17:01

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