How do u land a kickflip with BOTH feet?

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Um whenever i kickflip i always land with the back foot. can someone tell me how i can land one wit 2 feet? i tried kicking up...  

11 Aug 2003 17:32
Skate and bmx
so dude this is what u do, u do the kick flip and then u kind of jump up on ur own, and dont be scared to land on the skateboard, so then the skate is just like right under u and u just land on top of it.  

27 Sep 2003 23:35
You can only land it by using magic.  

05 May 2006 21:37
and by practicing lots  

05 May 2006 21:58
yah the same for me. i can only land wit 1 foot....everytime i kickflip the board like goes behind me or something like i can only land 1 foot  

06 May 2006 00:38
i think it would help to put more weight on ur front foot....of course i had the same problem with shuv-its and it worked for me  

06 May 2006 00:53
you prolly cant even kickflip  

06 May 2006 02:35
i do it correctly, how do you do it?  

06 May 2006 18:27
it might seem scarier but try it while moving slow and jump higher.'

or practice on you carpet in your house if you can so you feel comfortable knowing that u wont land and the boards gonna fly out, it dosnt move on carpet. then wehen you get it take it outside  

06 May 2006 19:38
no i cant kick flip but thats wut works for my shuv-its but ya  

06 May 2006 20:48
yeah i can only land with my back foot too lol seems like a common problem to any one that CAN kick flip? is it something that you can just keep trying and one day all of the sudden for no reason you magically get the hang of and get your front foot on or do you have to experiment and try all diffrent ways of doing it like jumping more/less or flicking harder/softer or moving your foot further back, closer to the edge etc etc.?  

16 May 2006 12:19
well now i can kick flip lol  

17 May 2006 02:58
wow i could do it since i was 10 years old  

17 May 2006 21:19
i cant kickflip, kickflips are gay. they never worked out for me.  

18 May 2006 02:33
yew! ^_^ after 10 months of skating i can finally land them lol and for anyone who was wondering the same thing as me if your finding it impossible to get your front foot on then its probaly something to do with the way you flip it, it was for me anyway jsut play around with it for a while and youll get it  

26 May 2006 14:30
i do a lot more heelfluips than kickflips...i like doing acid one time i did and acid dorp and i got on the board and my foot hit the edge and it spun like a kickflip and i landed was fun  

28 May 2006 19:27
i can do them, it just takes me a while each time because i never do them. they feel weird when i do them  

01 Jun 2006 01:10
:( spoke to soon...i cant land kick flips on more...not on cement anyway...only on grass and not often...kick flips must be the most frustrating trick of all things tricky :|damn rodney mullen for inventing such a basic but at the same time extremly difficult trick  

08 Jun 2006 11:06
u prolly cant do them on cement cuz ur to scared thats why you can only do em on grass  

08 Jun 2006 22:46
i found impossible to do anything on i am working on riding heelflips.....kinda different lol  

08 Jun 2006 23:40
heelflips are cool. im trying frontside heel now and varal heel. i made it once.  

09 Jun 2006 04:29
i did a heelflip to casper on accident once..i didnt land it sadley  

09 Jun 2006 07:46
chris bmxer
kickflips are not my thing and i made a 360 heelflip on accident like you i dont land it and i cant realy understand how i did that but actually was a 180 heelflip and 180 just turn  

09 Jun 2006 16:22
i did a heelflip on a bank but i landed in primo by accident cause it didnt finish rotating. it was cool  

10 Jun 2006 01:41
zero or die 4867
the only way to land one is to master the 5th relm in dungeons and dragons  

11 Jun 2006 04:09
your so funny man  

11 Jun 2006 05:03
wait are you being sarcastic lloyd?  

12 Jun 2006 19:32
obviously lol  

12 Jun 2006 23:01
well i cant exactly tell stuff without seeing the persons face half the time so haha  

13 Jun 2006 04:53
i landed another varial heel, im the ownage  

15 Jun 2006 17:13
hell yeah you are  

15 Jun 2006 18:06
i wish i could show you the video, but the format is so homosexual  

18 Jun 2006 02:06
i hear ya..i made a forum but i am closing it down for lack of intrest  

20 Jun 2006 02:13
I can't even do it at all ><  

12 Jul 2006 09:44
what can you do?  

12 Jul 2006 20:23
home made forums never make it, i found that out fast.  

12 Jul 2006 22:20
me too..the most people i had was like 10 on mine  

12 Jul 2006 23:15
bmxnation is takin off pretty good tho  

15 Jul 2006 22:14
yeah i have seen it i will advertise where i can..make some stickers for it and put em on signs  

15 Jul 2006 23:05
when you kickflip push your body foward while pushing up and comit to it and stay hovering over your board and if you dont comit u will land off one foot or something like that so just push and an angle above your board and comit to it and youll land it. PRACTICE  

01 Aug 2006 23:48
Stop Bring Up Old Threads Bitch  

02 Aug 2006 00:14
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02 Aug 2006 04:30
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02 Aug 2006 19:05
the kickflip is just not working for me i need some good edvice not this crap!  

11 Dec 2007 03:03
dubl_a_ron the thing is is that you might me scared to arnt but your body is.....unless theres a hurrican nearby that bloing the board over....  

17 Dec 2007 04:05

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