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hey how heavy are your bikes? im thinking of taking off front brakes and pegs to lighten the load. my bike is 37 lbs. :roll: how is that? :lol:  

13 Aug 2003 05:42
Skate and bmx
i have no idea how heavy my bike is but it is pretty heavy
of course i am only 13 :D  

10 Oct 2003 22:01
my bike is bout 35 pounds and its a mosh DJ2......its meant for dirt not street really but i use it i dont know bout u but after bout 2 hours riding(street riding) my arms start to get sore badly and im 6'1 and wiegh bout u gonna have a hard time doing shit on ur bike prob  

22 Dec 2003 17:03
hey my bike is 15 pounds and its awsome for street vert dird and every thing else  

01 Jan 2004 17:46
my back and biceps kill me after im done i have free agent trail devil.i think its just gunna use this bike till i buy a rly light bike then itll be so easy to do stuff.  

01 Jan 2004 20:13
shakey jake
i get sore lower arms an me back hurts wen i'm dun on a days ridin.

but wen a muscle hurts, it's ripped an wen it heals it gets bigger, so the more u ache the stronger u get. so wen u stop aching u hav reached the point where that muscle can fully cope with what u are doin to it.

u wll stop aching one day...probally.  

13 Feb 2004 14:15
i got a t1 barcode wit pitchforks an demolition cassette and dat weighs a ton but my arms dont ache after a few hours i ride all day evryday and i dnt complain jus get on wit it the more u ride the more u will get used 2 it and it wont hurt  

18 Feb 2004 22:37
I have an S&M Dirtbike Classic. It's 31.5 pounds and feels nice. I'm getting tall for it, though, so I might go for a Fly Pantera frame, which is pretty much the same wieght.

37 pounds is pretty heavy.

Also, there has never been a 15 pound BMX bike. I've never even heard of a road bike that light.  

05 Apr 2004 02:34
hi, iv got a specialized s-works with s&m race fork and richer crank and mandwear pedals and its about 20 pounds, pm me for pics  

19 Apr 2004 03:23
sorry i mean richey 3 piece crank  

19 Apr 2004 03:25
I have a free agent maverick, its about 23 lbs but of course I don't use any brakes so that's a factor.  

19 Apr 2004 05:35
Oi guyz i SUCK!!! prob coz my bike iz 40 poundz or more n i iz 11 i can still get some air but i needa make it lighter  

19 Apr 2004 15:12
my bike 32 punds no brakes  

10 May 2004 08:14
I got the Pantera frame, and snatched my sister's GT racing seat. Now my bike is down to 30 lbs, and I still have the heavy Pitchfork on there.  

18 May 2004 04:56
i ride a industral heky 2 and its 32 pounds but it was costom made for dirt for me :D but its the easyest bike to do tricks on  

20 May 2004 09:35
i got a free agent stiletto its like almost 30 pounds  

14 Jul 2004 02:45
My new bike is around 31-32 pounds, my old one was like 24-25, it was pretty hard to adjust. But it gets you stronger :D  

14 Jul 2004 03:27
my bike is 36 pounds. it feels heavy, but thats the price for strengh and low cost frames. if i ever get i lighter bike ill kick more ass. now i can hardly grind a knee high ledge  

30 Aug 2006 00:04
my bike i think weighs liek 38 pounds lol  

30 Aug 2006 20:55
no reply in two years...dont bring these old threads up, why do all the noob always do that?  

31 Aug 2006 16:22
cuz they dont know any better  

31 Aug 2006 21:20
i did that for a while  

05 Sep 2006 02:36
well its either bring up an old topic or make the same theard over and over...  

05 Sep 2006 03:26
who me? or the noobs?or both?  

06 Sep 2006 01:01
my bikes like 38 pounds kills my arms after ive been on it for like 2 hours cus i only weigh like 90 pounds  

06 Sep 2006 19:06
quit being a little bitch and get some meat on ur bones  

06 Sep 2006 22:15
like wise.  

07 Sep 2006 00:30
i weigh 154 lol ( i'm 14 so not bad)  

07 Sep 2006 01:03
i weigh 135 and im 16  

07 Sep 2006 02:11
i dont know how much i weigh or how tall i am because i dont care but im 15.  

07 Sep 2006 18:08
i weigh 118 pounds and im 12.....  

07 Sep 2006 20:56
Either you're really fucking tall, or just fat.

17, 120lbs, 5'4". W00T for being short!  

08 Sep 2006 01:13
hey people, i take my driving test tomorrow, any questions and answers to help me out? cause i only skimmed through the book.  

08 Sep 2006 02:42
do the class 5 ones  

08 Sep 2006 03:02
Most of the DMV tests are common sense. Just use your brain and you will pass.

I've passed the online tests 19 times 100%, never even touched the driving book, but yet I still havn't gone to get my license. lol

The answers are pretty simple.
If someone is tail-gating you, what do you do?
a)speed up
b)Slam on your breaks
c)Continue the same speed
d)Tap your breaks
e)Honk your horn

A - Speeding is against the law, so why would it be an answer?
B - If you slam on your breaks, he rear-ends you.
C - Continue same speed solves nothing.
D - Tapping on your breaks slightly slows you down, but flashes your break lights and hints the people behind you to slow the fuck down and get off your ass
E - What the hell would honking do?  

08 Sep 2006 03:05
im not sure if the questions and stuff will be different since its a manitoba (a province in canada) site but it shouldnt really matter.

yea i could have had my full license by now but i never went for my beginners for a long time  

08 Sep 2006 03:09
I still don't even have my beginners permit/learners permit and i'm over a year over when I should have gotten my license. Honestly, I don't care because even though I have a car, my parents will never let me drive until i'm 18 because they wont pay for me to be added on their car insurance, and gas is fucking $3 a gallon now.  

08 Sep 2006 03:14
[QUOTE=DementedBMXer]Either you're really fucking tall, or just fat.

17, 120lbs, 5'4". W00T for being short![/QUOTE]
im 5 foot 7 1/2 inches trust me im not fat  

08 Sep 2006 18:39
i took the test today and i got 16/20 questions right. thats a fail, those mofos....i take it again next week, so ill post what i remember...

1. someone driving under the influence of alcohol is considered...
A: a deadly weapon (but i think thats bull)

2. what do you do when a blind or wheelchair bound person is crossing the street?
A: honk and flash your lights

3. when should you drive slower then the speed limit?
A: in a school zone, (my answer was at night but noooo)

4. the speed limit is...
A: the maximum speed allowed

the rest are really easym they just ask what the road signs mean like no right turn or sharp right turn  

08 Sep 2006 19:56
16/20 isnt a fail up here in canada, i think ur allowed to get 6 wrong, but who cares when i took the test i only got 1 wrong :p  

08 Sep 2006 20:14
i got 3 wrong  

08 Sep 2006 20:51
you canadians, always trying to lower your standards and make things easier. i didnt feel bad or anything cause 3 other people failed when i was taking it with me  

08 Sep 2006 21:23
lol were you under alot of pressure?  

08 Sep 2006 21:53
Holy hell bobe, you're a dumb fuck. lol  

08 Sep 2006 22:23
driving tests sound hard  

09 Sep 2006 00:18
there the easiest thing in thre world  

09 Sep 2006 00:57
Driving tests are easier then a test on what you do in the monring.  

09 Sep 2006 02:28
my dad was freaking out about it, he kept quizzing me and when i got a question wrong he would say "if you fail the test you have to wait 30 days until you can take it again you know". which was wrong i can take it whenever i want again.  

10 Sep 2006 09:12
maybe he wont bring you back to wirte the test for another 30 days  

10 Sep 2006 09:54
ya in winnipeg if you fail u have to wait a week and take it again  

10 Sep 2006 20:33
i go back this thursday to take it  

10 Sep 2006 23:40
[QUOTE=dubl_a_ron]i weigh 154 lol ( i'm 14 so not bad)[/QUOTE]

10 Sep 2006 23:49
whatr the fuck lol?  

12 Sep 2006 01:44
37 lbs not bad but yeah take ur pegs and front brakes off pegs and front brakes are for nebs and dont ever ride pegs there gayyyyy myabe cut down ur seat post and fins some upgraded parts cause all bmx stuff now if light  

12 Sep 2006 21:04
my bike is about 15.5 lbs and i ride pegs but the thing i wanna know is why are pegs gay im learnin how to grind and im startin out flatland(wich is really hard )...  

13 Sep 2006 01:03
[QUOTE=billybobjr3]my bike is about 15.5 lbs and i ride pegs but the thing i wanna know is why are pegs gay im learnin how to grind and im startin out flatland(wich is really hard )...[/QUOTE]
If your bike is 15.5lbs, you would not even be able to do anything because the amount of titanium on your bike would be so weak in the end that it would snap, or the amount of aluminum everything is made out of would bend and the welds would break.

Pegs weigh about 1.5lbs for a set of 2, frames weigh 3.5lbs on average, forks are about 2lbs, wheel sets are about 3lbs (5lbs total with freewheel/cog, innertube, and tires), forks usualy weigh 2lbs.

That's about 14lbs right there. Now, how much stuff is left off? Cranks, bottom bracket, chain, sprocket, handle bars, breaks, seat, seatpost, seat clamp, stem, headset, ect.  

13 Sep 2006 01:52
thats also assuming youve spent like 3000 on your bike  

13 Sep 2006 02:46
no frames weigh about 5.5 pounds. the lightest freestyle frame out there right now is 2 pounds and its 1500$  

13 Sep 2006 02:58
[QUOTE=unearth]thats also assuming youve spent like 3000 on your bike[/QUOTE]
Hell, i've done that and my bike is still 29lbs.

And my old DK General Lee frame was 5.98lbs and my prototype race frame which I rode for 3 years with no damage weighs 1.7lbs. I sold 4 for $300. ;)  

13 Sep 2006 04:40
ummmmm well im going to go weigh the bike and all parts again and make sure its all right i tell you if im right when i'm done....  

13 Sep 2006 22:11

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