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any tips for manualing would be great, cheers.  

15 Apr 2006 20:25
Practice practice practice. That's about the only tip there is that can be given.  

15 Apr 2006 20:54
i like this circle thing it helps for bunny hops too or w/e flatground u wanna learn

ride in kinda a big ish circle not to big make it like a rectangle circle so 2 sides are long. on one side do a manual turn and do a bunn hop turn do a manual and so on.

while you are riding around going places just do em as you ride too try to manual a sidewalk box then 2 then 3 and so on  

15 Apr 2006 21:01
well i know kids who manuel with standing on the pegs and i know kids who stnd on the petals...i find it easier to stand on the pegs too lightn up the front  

16 Apr 2006 03:36
Standing on the pegs is not a manual dumbfuck. :P  

16 Apr 2006 04:01
wait wtf?!?!?!?!? SHIT! then wut is it?!?!?!?!? i was told it was a manuel
!fuckfuck fuckety fuckers!lol  

16 Apr 2006 04:07
It's ghetto name is a peg manual, but technicaly, it's nothing more then a way to ride on one wheel for those who have no skill.  

16 Apr 2006 04:10
its basically for losers who buy target bikes and wanna be cool  

16 Apr 2006 10:41
ok but i am not a loser....i can bunny hop wit my pegs its kinda fun  

16 Apr 2006 20:38
can you grind with your pegs?  

16 Apr 2006 21:27
[QUOTE=dubl_a_ron]ok but i am not a loser....i can bunny hop wit my pegs its kinda fun[/QUOTE]
Bronco hop. Just another of those "I live in a trailer park and buy my bikes from goodwill(walmart is too expensive) tricks that I do to look cool and get my sister to give me head" tricks.  

16 Apr 2006 21:34
HEY i like goodwill...........

but only for clothes  

16 Apr 2006 21:42
i am tryin...i am wrking with a heavy,gross,ugly ass bike now so not really i mean grind with pegs  

16 Apr 2006 22:24
salvation army owns for clothes.  

17 Apr 2006 23:36
i just lose weight to get clothes lol  

18 Apr 2006 01:00
Hot topic + Dans comp = awsome clothing.  

18 Apr 2006 17:15
ya they have some prety sweet clothes, i just ordered a hoodie from there  

18 Apr 2006 21:01
see i just find wuts on clearence at khols  

18 Apr 2006 23:41
salvation army sells shirts for like 2 bucks  

19 Apr 2006 00:18

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