Yall know i need a new bike

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yall know i need a new bike right? well i am gonna go full fledge bmx.i heard huffy was good i might get a new bike the like summer so it doesnt hAVE TOP BE FANCY JUST LIGHT WEIGHT AND ROLLS AND HAS PEGS! sry caps was on so yaya thx! ^_^  

16 Apr 2006 21:16
do you know anything? why would you buy a bike cause it has pegs. you go and buy pegs what comes on bikes usually suck anyways. huffy no i hope you are joking  

16 Apr 2006 21:28
Please say you're joking. Please...


16 Apr 2006 21:32
all i have right now is a huffy {cry cry}.....but i need a bike and its so expensive!!!!!!!!!!i ahte me  

16 Apr 2006 22:26

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