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the other day me and my friend collided when we were at the skatepark on our bikes and something jabbed into my finger and i had to get stitches in my pinky, and he didnt even get hurt i was so pissed, but i went biking yesterday and its not to bad biking i just have to not grip the grip with my pinky an keep it in the air lol  

17 Apr 2006 22:00
I crashed in a race with my friend. Guess what?
We both went to the hospital. W00t for us!  

17 Apr 2006 22:45
i almost ran into a biker at charm city last friday, i jumped off my board and he turned  

17 Apr 2006 23:35
i was up on a bench about to caveman and this kid rode by on his bike and i cavemaned over him just for kix i tried it again and i hit the kid riding by in the headit was funny cuz there was a huge gowge  

18 Apr 2006 01:04

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