how to set up your bike proper?

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hey its been 2 years since i was bmx'ing due to injury now im back in action , and i cant remeber ... if u should cut down your handle bars , and if you should how come , and how high should you have you'r seat set... mine's right down to the frame , i ride street/park ... its a mat hoffman pro frame , haro forks / slim jim bars / haro seat post / odysy seat and braking system / sun star rims for now / and a fsa after burner crank for now . . . thanks guys and any other tips to make it better for riding like were to set the bars on what angel and stuf would help alot , and by the way some times i hit my knee's on the bars i think thats because there not cut so iunno pleaser tell me every thing lol thxs  

20 Apr 2006 03:12
cutting bars and height of the seat there is no this is how it should be its w/e you feel like what makes u comfortable. as far as hitting your knees its because the top tube is 2 short u need a new frame  

20 Apr 2006 03:26
cutting ur bars tho... dose that make it easy'er for landing bar spins ? i herd because i can spin them fast with shorter bars . . .  

20 Apr 2006 03:32
yea that would help for those  

20 Apr 2006 03:57
lol k but how much should i cut them down 1.5 inch on each side? less more...  

20 Apr 2006 05:05
it depends how big there are to start with dude  

20 Apr 2006 05:42
Setting your bike is all personal preferance. We can't tell you how exactly to set it and how much to cut or raise somthing. What we like and is comfortable for us may not be comfrotable for you. Just fiddle with yoru bike until you like it.  

20 Apr 2006 05:57
i have my seat all the way down to the frame and i cut like 1.5 inches off on each side of my handle bars and they're pretty good  

20 Apr 2006 06:40
my seat is down and the handle bars are up  

20 Apr 2006 14:45
ya ive been fooling around with my bike every thing feels the same lol  

21 Apr 2006 04:39

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