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thought i'd giv u all abit of a laf :D,,, basicly i started BMX'in a few weeks ago,, i got a mongoose,, 36 tooth sproket,, need to change that.

i can do simple stuff lyk bunny hops an short manuals,, bar spins n stuff,, but i realy cant get the hang of harder things,,

u lot got any tips??,, i'm a noob and dont know how to do much :P

thanks to any1 with enough sympathy to reply ,,, Lemming :D  

22 Apr 2006 00:59
1 there are like a billion threads about that( i know cuz i looked at em when i was beeing a dumbfuckinesee) but u could try 360s....just twist ur body  

22 Apr 2006 04:05
The best tip I can give you...

Use proper english.  

22 Apr 2006 09:19
lol just twist to do a 360 a little more than that. and if you can really bar spin your not such a noob and you should know what to do  

22 Apr 2006 09:25
hmm,, i'll try to do a 360. i did look for threaads like this but i couldnt be assed lookin anymore lol,, o and sorry anout the non-propa speakin, am abit lazy,,

can you all do things like on "http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4344661319086989445&q=bmx+flatland&pl=true" or is that just like pro's.


22 Apr 2006 14:12
thats flatland and no onehere does thay

can you even 180?  

22 Apr 2006 18:26
i tried to do a 360 ove a wall and my wheel hit the wall and i smashed my face it was hilarious!  

22 Apr 2006 23:52
i did a 180 tryin to do a 360 today.. its only a small ramp we made tho.

i know not many of you do flatland an u think its crap an all but can any one do a full tail whip?


23 Apr 2006 01:19
o forgot to say i fell soon after landing tho lol,,, havnt sussed the riding backwards thing,,, another thing i need a few tips on, doesnt seem like the kinda thing that can have advice on though


23 Apr 2006 02:15
find a bank and practice on that so ur already for the backwards motion because its harder to learn outa a 180  

23 Apr 2006 02:25
ya theres this huge hill that i practise goin down backwards......its nice to no when u have it down  

23 Apr 2006 05:31
bunnyhop 180!
yeah it's really hard...  

25 Apr 2006 20:15

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