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gud day everyone, my rear wheel is goosed and im looking to get a new one. i have found some someone selling a rollex freecoaster hub on a sun rim. ive never heard of rollex hubs and would just like to know if they are any good or would it be a waste of time buying. cheers dan  

22 Apr 2006 21:13
They're for flatland, so unless you ride flatland, don't buy it.  

22 Apr 2006 21:14
well thats what i thought but the dude who has it just now he uses it for dirt and street its on a sun bfr rim. i might get it until i can afford a odessey hazard cassette hub, cos my wheel just now is fucked.

does anyone have a rear wheel for sale preferably a cassette hub or even just a hub for sale. cheers dan  

22 Apr 2006 21:19
I have a prototype hazzard lite cassete laces to a hazard lite rim if you want it. My bike's trashed and I need money.  

22 Apr 2006 21:28
im interested. what condition is it in? do you have any pics? how much would you want for it?  

22 Apr 2006 21:39
Great condition. No pics. I'de say around $210.

I'de just rather have a working bike though. : (  

22 Apr 2006 21:48
do you live in britain? or america? thats a bit steep for a second hand wheel!  

22 Apr 2006 21:51
America. In no way is it second hand. lol. I guess you missed the part where i said prototype.  

22 Apr 2006 22:08
why does it matter if it is a prototype? they all work the same, dont they?  

22 Apr 2006 23:54
the prototype would probly be a newer version  

23 Apr 2006 02:15
what year is the prototype type hub? and what meakes it different from the regular odessey cassette hub?  

23 Apr 2006 04:08
It's a prototype. If you don't know what prototype means, search. [url][/url]  

23 Apr 2006 04:14

pro·to·type [prṓtə tp]
n (plural pro·to·types)
1. original used as model: something having the essential features of a subsequent type, and on which later forms are modeled
2. standard example: a standard example of a particular kind, class, or group
3. full-size functional model: a first full-size functional model to be manufactured, for example, of a car or a machine
A prototype of the new convertible will be on display at the Motor Show.

4. biology primitive form: a primitive form believed to be the original type of a species or group, exhibiting the essential features of the later type

vti (past pro·to·typed, past participle pro·to·typed, present participle pro·to·typ·ing, 3rd person present singular pro·to·types)
create a prototype: to create a prototype of something

[Early 17th century. Via French from late Latin prototypus “original, primitive” and Greek prototypon “primitive form,” from proto “first” + typos “impression.”]

-pro·to·typ·al [prtə tp’l], adj
-pro·to·typ·ic [prtə típpik], adj
-pro·to·typ·i·cal, adj
Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.  

23 Apr 2006 04:17
thank you for explaining to me what prototype means i never knew! so what model is it? and was it made this year? im geussing it was. i originaly thought the hub was a oddessey hazard cassette prototype hub, sorry for getting it wrong. would you sell the hub alone?  

23 Apr 2006 04:26
No, I wont sell the hub alone.

The Hazard lite casset was released in April 2001, and I recieved it 5 months prior to it's release.  

23 Apr 2006 05:25
so im geussing you aint used it much since you got it if its still in good condition? tell me how much you will sell it for including postage price and could you convert it into pounds sterling please?  

23 Apr 2006 15:34
I'm not selling it anymore. I just raided my bro's bike for parts and have a working bike again.  

24 Apr 2006 03:13

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