just started 3 weeks ago and need help w/bunny hops

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i just started riding bmx like 3 weeks ago, skateboarding just wasnt my shit. too much crap to deal with. so i just need a little help with my bunny hops. when i do it, i get the front wheel like close to 1 1/2 feet of the ground but my back wheel like on 4 inches, so i just wanna know can anyone help me/  

30 Aug 2003 13:28
can u teach me how to do a bunnyhop at all?  

06 Sep 2003 23:49
Yo just a sugestion for u two guys...u might wanna chec out the entire topic devoted to bunnyhoping...thoughtfully named "bunnyhop" that might answer ur question...other than that just find someone who knows how to ride and ask then to show u...unless u dont have the balls for that.  

04 Oct 2003 01:16
a wat ^ ive been ridin 4 a while (since age 2) and i raced 4 bout 5 years but now i ride trails and i think u need to talk to some1 bout ur problem peace out  

25 Jan 2004 04:19
u shudnt need advice u shud get help from ur local crew or someone who can do it cause u need someone to show u!  

18 Feb 2004 23:11
i can do a bunny hop but i can only do it 2 inches high and wen i bunny hop i cant get over somthing because it goes high not long can anyone HELP me, and i went over 2 the bmx track and asked people if they could show me but non of them can do it  

14 Apr 2004 23:16
Hey all, let me help you out a bit. First thing you should do is practice pulling that front up as high as you can. You should pull it up high enough when it hits below your crotch. Here is an example: [img]http://www.bmxbasics.org/new/bunnyhop/rachelpull7.jpeg[/img]

Once you've got that down you need to practice pulling your back up off the ground (but keep the front down). Ride at a fair speed, lean back a bit then shift you weight forward and make your feet almost vertical on the pedals, push down on your bars, and push back on your pedals you'll use your calve muscles. This will bring your back tire off the ground, you'll get pretty low off the ground in the beginning but practice. Example: [img]http://www.bmxbasics.org/new/bunnyhop/rbhop6.jpeg[/img]
Now you put all that together to make the bunnyhop. Pull up high then shift forward push those pedals back and it should bring your back up higher. Just ask me if you need help with anything else, or if you need verifying with my explaination.[/img]  

18 Apr 2004 10:15
I thank you all, i really do, but im done learning bunnyhops, been done, moving to bigger better fatter things, i think i would apreciate more if i had gotten these hits when i first wrote the message, and actually needed help, but its still useful, thanks


can i shut down this thing anyhow?

and is mr.phear human or computer  

18 Apr 2004 14:54
Haha, I figured you learned them by now, it was more for the other people who asked for help.  

18 Apr 2004 21:06
lame dogg
get yo front wheel up till yo about to fall off then push yo handlebars forward and hang yo ass over the seat as to kiss the rear wheel wit it and use your feet to grasp the pedals like glue but as you grow into bmx you will realise there is no right or wrong way to bust a move its all about self expressionism and trust me you will spend months and even years trying to accomplish a trick by doing it someone elses way and eventually realise the best way is yo way just keep trying, practice makes perfect bro  

19 Apr 2004 07:03

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