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Hey ive been skating for a few years and im pretty good. here are some of my best tricks

Front flip
Front flip mute
fakie frontfilp (on vert)
Vault over 3 foot spine
gap from 3 foot Qp to grind on 5 ft Qp coping
360 off 5 ft ledge
fakie 540 on flat ground
grind on dumpster
4 stair handrail
9 stair 180

Does anyone think i can get sponsered???? :confused:  

23 Apr 2006 01:59
i dont know inline or anything thing but i dont see why not  

23 Apr 2006 02:28
send in a sponsor me tape to your local shop or sumthing like that, try to get urself noticed  

23 Apr 2006 02:30
k im making one rite now ill post it on the internet if u wanna c it later  

23 Apr 2006 02:35
ill help you when you LEARN HOW TO SPELL "SPONSOR" RIGHT

and i wouldnt know what to say anyway...go to comps. the playstation big hookup is a big inline comp that goes around  

23 Apr 2006 08:22
ok. S-P-O-N-S-O-R. happy?  

08 May 2006 23:34
buddy your a fag and this is so old  

09 May 2006 02:37

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