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Stol some parts from my bro's bike last night(seat, chain, soem crank parts, front wheel, pegs) and wellded my profile spindle to one of the cranks, and I finaly have a working bike again. lol.

M bike's still ghetto as could be. Lol. Hard to imagine i've spent over 3k in parts for it.

Not riding for over a month has its drawbacks, btu i can still manual and 180. :)  

24 Apr 2006 16:35
not only can you 180 you can 270.

hmmm too bad you didnt have that 2 weeks ago you could have come to my house  

24 Apr 2006 16:39
I can 270 but can't ride away from it. lol. I need a hip to land it.

Wait, your house or someone elses? Unless you're a rich mother fucker and have 2 houses on opposite sides of the country.  

24 Apr 2006 16:43
ya that would freakin rock....next spring i will have 2 houses.....only across town tho.  

25 Apr 2006 03:25
ha i ment grandparents house  

25 Apr 2006 04:58
i have two houses. no one wants to buy our crappy old one 6 miles away  

26 Apr 2006 00:04
[QUOTE=bobe]i have two houses. no one wants to buy our crappy old one 6 miles away[/QUOTE]

Can I have it?  

29 Apr 2006 17:10
no one can have it, they buy it. were getting ready to sell it, so if youre serious, which youre probably not, ill tell you when you can get it.  

30 Apr 2006 20:58
ya i have a crappy house right now
but i have 22 acres and i am building a house soon  

01 May 2006 04:32

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