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We all know it's a bitch to up an old thread, so i'll make a new one.

1)Do not get off topic
2)If you post in the poll, you [B]MUST[/B] post a post in this thread
3)No flaming or callign others liars
4)No being a dumbass.  

24 Apr 2006 17:15
Me, I've now been riding for the past 11 years of my life. Both freestyle and racing.  

24 Apr 2006 17:16
i been riding for 3 weeks!!!!! lol,, i bin flatlandin an started dirt an park stuff last week. still tryin things out


24 Apr 2006 17:38
this is my second year biking, ride mostly park and sometimes street  

24 Apr 2006 20:59
i've been riding for just over 1 year, but that was dirt, and now i'm getting into flatland  

24 Apr 2006 22:23
bout a year and a half  

25 Apr 2006 03:23
ive been for like 5 years or sum, but i started out just going down hills. i never did tricks until 3 years ago or sum.  

26 Apr 2006 00:12
i was biking for a year the quit for 2 now im back up lol what dose that count of 3 years or back to o? lol  

28 Apr 2006 05:30

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