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i've got a bit of a problem, cause i love to do dirt biking, on a bmx(not ramps), and latley i've been getting more into flatland, but i heard that possibly i need to buy a new bike :S mine weighs in around 16kg dunno if thats not a little too heavy though, what do you think?  

24 Apr 2006 22:17
how much is that in pounds ?? lol my bike weighs around like 35 pounds  

24 Apr 2006 22:55
Guess what? There is no ideal weight for bikes. It's all what you feel comfortable with, and if it's too heavy, go to a gym.  

24 Apr 2006 23:58
rite... k thanks, oh and 16kg, is around 40pounds roughly i think, i'll definitly consider the gym, but i'd rather be out biking :rolleyes:  

25 Apr 2006 00:26
just do it on google

"16kg to pounds" its helpful  

26 Apr 2006 00:15
thats not bad man do some pushups when u wake up before u go to bed and bike with it and itll get easy  

26 Apr 2006 01:06
your all about the google bobe lol  

26 Apr 2006 01:40

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