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[b]I jus started to bmx ( did before but now i strted to do tricks), u see i can't do n e thing exept catwalks n wheelies. I can catwalk off a curb sumtimes olie off a curb but i really need some help.... :( if u live in toronto, tell me, we can meet n train together :D well c'ya, n talk to u all l8r[/b]  

06 Sep 2003 23:43
yea u do need help cause u olie on a skate board not a bike...its called a bunnyhop...dude i sugest u learn the lingo of bmx before u start tryn to pull tricks off  

04 Oct 2003 01:36
yer and its not called trainin its called ridin  

19 Feb 2004 12:36

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