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Hey guys. I use to inline skate a few years back and now actually going to get back into it that I have alot of free time aside of my job. I wasnt really into anything big, but going towards the aggressive inline skating again as my boss is a skateboard junkie, and he wants to start hitting parks between jobs since we travel alot.

Just asking some advice of whats a good brand of skates that has a good rep and a site online to buy em from.

I was browsing a little but found [url][/url]. On there are a few skates I was looking at, please comment on them and let me know the pros / cons if any =) Going to add a few links directly to them. I was trying to keep my budget on the skates around $200.

(1) [url][/url]

(2) [url][/url]

Those are the two I was debating on. If you have links to others, from other sites for the same skates or others in the $200 price range, please link. Also I was wondering what abec and wheels would be the best for both street and skate parks. I was thinking bout upgrading to Abec 7, not sure if thats smart or not. Any other advice/comments are welcomed.

Also, wondering if anyone has any links to other sites or videos to purchase that teaches ya the basics into doing tricks. I might be jumping in over my head but just trying to get this all covered ahead of time. I appericate it guys.


25 Apr 2006 19:15

08 Jun 2006 10:16

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