Bye bye again.

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This site has become inflamed with nooblets. People who can't read, ask the same question, post just to raise their post count, people who in reality, don't even own a bike. I'm sick of this sites bullshit...AGAIN. I put up with it before, and then finally had to [SIZE=1]leave.[/SIZE] I figured a few months of downtime would leave the noobs away frome here, but as soon as I come back, they all sworm this site like a bunch of homeless people at an ABC wine and fine spirits store giving away free booze.

[*]I try and help these people, but they don't listen. People expect to read somthing and to instantly be able to do the trick. It's pathetic. I've been riding BMX for the past 11 years of my life, and i'm not even 17 yet. When I first started out, I never once asked how to do a trick. I learned myself. Crashing, it's part of this sport. The only way to learn in this sport Is by four mistakes.[/LIST]
Aaron, you piss me off the most. You need to go drink some bleach. Stop fucking posting bullshit just to raise your post count. Posting is not a race, and even if it was, Spaztix has us all beat by a couple thousand.

I'm off to my site. I know that i'm the only member on it as of now, because I got tired of people not posting, so I deleted them. If you want a good place to talk about BMX, away from all of the fucking jackass noobs, then fucking go to my site. The link is in my sig.

And [SIZE=7]NO,[/SIZE]
I'm NEVER coming back to this site.  

25 Apr 2006 20:28
okthxbai :)  

05 May 2006 20:41
(sigh) he was pretty cool  

06 May 2006 00:48
he hated everything you did  

06 May 2006 18:24
ya how could you say he was cool when he hated you and made fun of you  

06 May 2006 20:06
i'm used to it....most people hate me........actually i cant really think of any one who doesnt hate me except for 1 and only 1 person  

06 May 2006 20:44
your parents make fun of you and hate you?  

07 May 2006 18:07
let me guess the only thing who likes you is your dog  

07 May 2006 18:11
ok that makes 2 people
my dog (ok hes not a person but u get the point)
and my friend daniel  

10 May 2006 03:09
i know a guy like that at my school. his name is william waugh, everybody makes fun of him and messes with him. even the people who sort of hangout with him dont like him. he gets beat up by his 12 year old brother all the time.

but recently ive been nice to him because....he knows this girl...thats hot...and hes the middle man.  

11 May 2006 04:18
haha i get wut ur saying  

11 May 2006 23:57
he says ive got 10 days to start kissing his ass before summer break starts and he tells her how "bad of a person" i am cause they go to the same pool  

12 May 2006 22:51
ouch hehe that sux for u  

13 May 2006 01:32
idk how to do it without spending money.  

14 May 2006 03:18
hmmmmmm................u could kill him and let the girl "cry on ur shoulder"lol  

15 May 2006 00:39
or like beat his face in or um bribe em  

21 May 2006 17:36
he said he didnt want to use money  

21 May 2006 20:45
ya dont got to use money to bribe someone  

21 May 2006 22:55
you have a point  

23 May 2006 04:28
let him say whatever he wants then tell her he is talking shit and he is making it up because he has no mates and he trying get her to like him then afterwards kick his arse! for a while i was wondering why thingy wasnt about, shame he has left he seemed like a good guy!  

25 Jun 2006 18:13
i was going to beat him up to get her phone number but he said "sarah is really going to enjoy to hear how you got her phone number"

thats kids an asshole. im getting her myself.  

25 Jun 2006 20:39
if you want you could say to sarah that he beat you up! it worth a try. i no it will make you look like a but if you get the girl then why not! then when you are togethor kick his head in say to sarah you were just gettin him back for what he did.  

25 Jun 2006 20:54
lol awesome, not too bad an idea now were out of school and rumors wont spread he beat me up.

im in summa skoo so ill go to the pool this weekend and meet her if i can.  

26 Jun 2006 03:26
cool, iwant to know how you get on. i reckon it should work lol.  

26 Jun 2006 15:13

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