what bike chould i choose

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Im going to get a bmx bike and i want to get one that is light weight and good for dirt jumping im looking at free agent bikes and im wondering if i should get the hell cat or the maverick al im good for price as long as its in the 350$ range so are those bikes light and good to jump  

27 Apr 2006 04:07
i think that the maverick al is a better choce because a fat kid i know sais that its really lite and im not fat so im thinking that the hellcat will be harder to pedal  

27 Apr 2006 04:21
personal preferance  

27 Apr 2006 04:56
mavrick isnt a dirt jumpong bike  

27 Apr 2006 05:22
Get a Gt or Dyno  

19 May 2006 01:01
or get more money and buy a WeThePeople  

19 May 2006 01:02
[QUOTE=BarspinFreak]Get a Gt or Dyno[/QUOTE]
Um...Dyno has been out of business for the past 12 years dude. I don't know what year you think it is, but for the rest of us, it's 2006.  

19 May 2006 06:01
Yes, but i have an 03 diamondback frame and its great, of course I had to change alot of the stock parts to my liking but still i like it.  

20 May 2006 00:32

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