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Hey whats up everyone. In the forums some of you guys are arguing about what style of riding is better. To me riding is riding. Isn't anybody else here just an all around rider..?  

29 Sep 2003 15:42
ribz summed it all up rid'n is rid'n bottom line...screw everbody that says there "style is the best" beside ur a dumbass why confine ur self to one style...ur a real bad ass if u do can ride different styles anyway  

04 Oct 2003 01:25
ya really i do both styles and it kicks i tryed 1 style and i couldnt help but to go to the other  

29 Dec 2003 14:43
yea i agree. i do alittle flatland, vert, dirt, street, although i spend a lot of time in parks and stuff, i still like all other types and try them  

06 Jan 2004 19:51
yer i am, u jus do wateva is in season like dirt in spring/summer ramp in summer/autmn and street in autmn/winter/spring  

18 Feb 2004 23:16

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