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2 frames for sale / matt hoffman condor frame its sanded down to the steel rdy for paint what colour you wish not dents nothing frame only 5 months old

also a dave marra frame for sale its black and only used for 2 months bought it as a starter bike and strip it down asking 100$

haro front forks (chrome) with slim jim bars (black ) for 70$ , bars a little beat up , and a haro seat white and black

all prices in canadian dollers will delivery short distance if need'd but lunch is on you then lol im in the nigra area im in the middle of nigra falls and toronto / ontario

2 primo tires 1.85 ( the wall ) 30$ for both min shape

also a fsa after burner 3 pieace crank with a 48 tooth mc neil sprocket 100$

also a yellow and pearl blue full face helmet dont know the make to lazy to check but its alltra light and vented so u dont sweat 50$  

28 Apr 2006 05:11
paying for ontario shipping on that would cost more then what im buying, thanks but...sorry, not really.  

29 Apr 2006 01:24
np just thought i would post it up u cant beat the prices but like you said if some one that is on here lives around me ya its a good deal but not for a guy like you that needs to ship it  

29 Apr 2006 05:37
i live in winnipeg manitoba thats kinda close lol  

29 Apr 2006 22:01
i dont know canada geography, but i own at europe geography. i guess lloyds right...  

30 Apr 2006 20:57

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