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[color=darkblue][/color]WHats up im getting into BMX and need some tips on Manuels. Nose or rear i dont care. Ive tried haulling ass and manueling thinking the speed will help me balance but i eat it. When i do it to slow i cant bring my nose up. whaaazzz up??????? :twisted:  

22 Oct 2003 04:09
Skate and bmx
mybe you just such ever think about that hu hu hu no i bet ur sorry ass you didnt :D  

22 Oct 2003 17:13
just make sure you're standing, move or jiggle the bike around as much as you need to keep your balance. for thinking about hitting rails helps  

27 Oct 2003 21:22
just keep on practicin ive bin ridin a year the most i can manuel is about 10m  

19 Feb 2004 12:33

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