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im really bad at skating, i can't do anything. i can't ollie. When I try i'm really close but i can't get the back up. also, i need help with dropping in. 360 skatespot has really low ramps but im scared to drop in. I NEED SOME DAMN COFEDENCE!  

04 Nov 2003 19:10
sk8 forever
its ok dude. just try going on some drops preferably steep ones without the rail at the top cause it gives ya more of the feel and it may help you gain more confidence on going down fast at a steep drop like that just get used to the steep drops then go on to dropping in  

17 Dec 2003 02:23
Yo sk8 forever! Welcome to the boards dude! :D  

17 Dec 2003 10:24
u need to nut up and do it and slam the front of the deck down and you will be able to keep riding  

28 Dec 2003 02:42
wot you should do is sk8 up and down the ramp your trying then do a kick turn at the top you should get the feel for the ramp then drop in gud luk  

02 Mar 2004 13:53
:idea: I think i could help. try droping in a little lower than at the very top. it worked with me and im not afraid may have to do this more than once.  

14 Mar 2004 03:06

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