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hey guys
i'm a new bmxer. i started this topic for ppl who wanted to exchange trick tips.
no bunnyhop trick tips tho sorry

neway i was stuck into bunnyhoppin but i got it a feww days ago and i needed some tips on how to do bunnyhop barspins  

10 Nov 2003 17:53
man onless u can bunny hop 3 feet i would suggust u do it on soft ground(grass) for ur first time cuz man shit i cracked my head open trying to do it(but i did it after about 30 try's)and go agianst a fence and close ur eyes and put ur back tire against the fence so the front tires in the air and practise trying the bar with ur eye's close cuz most ppl dont even look at the bars when they do bar spins....anyways that my 2 cents...peace out  

22 Dec 2003 03:05
yo BigBalla, welcome! :wink:  

26 Dec 2003 20:24
:twisted: :evil: :evil: :twisted:


E.T. flown home
Im a stupid stupid  

01 Feb 2004 22:03
hop lean back and spin ur bars. easy  

18 Feb 2004 23:05
im from england, and its a shithole. north america rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

14 Oct 2005 00:15
america sucks dude, i should know, spain is so much more fun. for many reasons  

14 Oct 2005 01:39
chris bmxer
I am a new bmxer and i want to learn how i can do bunny hop.(I mean i can get up the front whell but the back whell is the problem).  

15 Oct 2005 21:07
hey there a bunny hop barspin is not the easiest of tricks, it took me about a year of riding before i even attemted it so what i suggest is 2 practice the bunny hops and barspins seperatleyuntil u feel real comfrtable then just try it.  

18 Oct 2005 23:00
ive been to spain........ i didnt really like it........ but i meant north america, the contenent not just the u.s  

19 Oct 2005 13:43

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