The latest cd you have bought?

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I just got the new blink album, its great! also recently bought From Autumn To Ashes " The Fiction We Live". I also own every Taking Back Sunday CD...  

11 Dec 2003 21:43
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Greatest Hits...
pretty cool...  

15 Dec 2003 22:59
My last cd i bought was Blink's latest same as you Phear... yeah it's great i might be seeing them in january for my birthday in concert, if they are doing a tour (i think they are), last year or my birthday i saw SUM41 in concert London~Wembly it was koool...  

21 Dec 2003 17:57
as i lay dyings "frail words collapse"...10/10  

21 Dec 2003 23:52
I just got The Shins-[i]Oh Inverted World[/i] and Modest Mouse-[i]This is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About[/i]  

03 Jan 2004 16:02
Lil'Jon and the Eastside Boyz  

04 Feb 2004 22:40
i dont buy cd's .....its beneath me

El Diablo :twisted:  

22 Feb 2004 17:11
Just download them eh?Smart thinking! :wink:  

24 Feb 2004 07:57
yes smart thinking for a smart person :D

El Diablo :twisted:  

24 Feb 2004 21:15
Rancid - "And Out Come The Wolves"
Everclear - DVD Version of "So Much For The Afterglow"  

03 Mar 2004 06:20
freako said Red Hot Chili Peppers - Greatest Hits...
pretty cool

i agree but they have missed some gr8 songs like easy, falling into grace and of coarse the zepher song  

11 Mar 2004 13:20
i dont buy cds but the last one i burned was Nirvana- From the Muddy Banks of Wishkah pretty good  

01 Apr 2004 06:13
I havent bought a cd in ages. I d/l. But now mainly movies i d/l.  

01 Apr 2004 18:52
i don't buy cd's, i buy records cos i got deck the last 12" i bought was grand master flash 'pump it up' :P :twisted: :arrow: :cry: :wink: :roll: :idea: :?: :!: :oops: 8)  

04 Apr 2004 20:21
[quote=MrPhear]I just got the new blink album, its great! also recently bought From Autumn To Ashes " The Fiction We Live". I also own every Taking Back Sunday CD...[/quote]

[b][color=red]DUDE I LOVE YOU! Well not literally, but Blink is my favorite band ever. And yeah, the Blink album was the last CD i bought. I also LOVE Taking Back Sunday. I mean, just look at my sig :wink:. They're like my 2nd fav band, along with Box Car Racer. :D [/color][/b]  

05 Apr 2004 00:46
hahah Emo! super cool man! and great sig too. unfortunately, it's too big.. I mean huge :wink:  

05 Apr 2004 03:38
[b][color=red]Oh whoops :oops: . Sorry. I'll change it.[/color][/b]  

05 Apr 2004 20:29
blink182(the new 1),switchfoot ,offspring splinter,offspring smash,sum41,and the grind sound track  

14 Apr 2004 18:48
I didnt buy them i downloaded them... like every other cool person. :lol:

Rise Against - Revolutions per Minute
Rise Against - The unraveling
Sum 41 - Does this look infected?

And a few mixed CD's with random bands on them...  

23 Apr 2004 05:24
shinedown and evanescence  

26 Apr 2004 20:10
Blink 182 - new one
Lord of the rings sound track - just for a little cultured listening!! :D  

28 Apr 2004 13:29
[quote=sabotagesk8er89]blink182(the new 1),switchfoot ,offspring splinter,offspring smash,sum41,and the grind sound track[/quote]

yeah you said it,those are all good bands right there.....  

28 Apr 2004 21:56
[b][color=red]Ok, now I just got the Ataris CD, so long astoria. And the newest dashboard confessional CD. I wanna get the Taking Back Sunday CD, Tell All Your Friends. I have all the songs downloaded, but for some reason, my burner isn't working! :x [/color][/b]  

02 May 2004 02:41
I not too into ataris and I hate dashboard (they can't sing is my opinion) but I did download Taking Back Sunday....I like them....  

05 May 2004 01:43
I never buy CDs... My friends do that, and I make copies :D I download sometimes too, but usually someones already got what I want.

Anyway, my last CD was Nirvana (self entitled one), and Smile Empty Soul (also self entitled).  

05 May 2004 07:48
oh my god this is gettin weird i bought that nirvana cd a couple of days ago we must be related or sumthing :? :? :?  

05 May 2004 11:44
i got the smile empty soul and puddle of mud...(come clean)and chingy(jackpot)...but tommorrow im gettin the sum41 full cd.the other 1 is the old 1 and only 7 songs.but im gettin does this look infected...  

06 May 2004 04:55
i think it was the exploited cant remember  

23 Jul 2004 07:41
i'm grooving to Petey Pablo & Lil Jon while you carebears are still virgins.  

24 Jul 2004 15:55
mr jones
last cd i bought has to be black sabbeth ..  

29 Jul 2004 16:26
there a great band i got them playin now as a matter of fact  

29 Jul 2004 18:52
THE last CD i got was JACKASS THE SOUNDTRACK. Now now it's not dumb i just really love the "we want fun" song ITS THE BEST :!:  

02 Oct 2004 03:30
i like the song "if your gunna be dumb you gotta be tough"  

02 Oct 2004 21:25
:twisted: Slipknot vol 3 subliminal verses KICKASS ALBUM :twisted:  

03 Oct 2004 08:00
[size=2][color=red]"in love and death" by the used[/color][/size]  

10 Oct 2004 22:36
Living Legends 'almost famous'  

22 Oct 2004 03:10
"three cheers for sweet revenge" by my chemical romance  

23 Oct 2004 21:21
the blank ones I use to burn the royalty free music I listen to. Not commercial bullshit.  

27 Oct 2004 06:20
living legends kick ass.  

27 Oct 2004 06:20
Ya living legends definately kick ass. I think Grouch is probably the most talented out of all of them. Murs is nasty too.

I just bought a Rush CD, and also 'The verve'.  

23 Nov 2004 19:54

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