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i broke my board jumping like 8 feet off a sewer into a ditch. its hard to explain but i got it on video.

and ill have pictures of the board...someday  

04 May 2006 04:53
ok, the place is called riverdale ditch. heres some pics


i jumped off the part all the way on the left. theres this thing that stick up 3 feet or so, all the way to the flat, and broke my board.  

04 May 2006 04:56
i trie to ollie and i broke the tail of my board so i am all with ya  

05 May 2006 00:25
when are u gonna post the vid? or are u?  

05 May 2006 01:27
dude give time u sfn!!!!!!  

05 May 2006 04:12
i was asking....D.A.  

06 May 2006 00:44
go do a horse ass hat  

06 May 2006 00:51
horse ass hat? wtf is that  

06 May 2006 01:02
go do a horse,u asshat  

06 May 2006 01:26
that is one of the gayest remarks ive ever heard.  

06 May 2006 06:56
i got the video on ym dvd camera. and i dont have a dvd drive cause of my dad. so idk when i can post the video, but will try at my friends house today.  

06 May 2006 18:26
dude u have a DVD camera?!?!?!? lucky!!!!!!

saleen go rape a dead moose  

06 May 2006 20:53
you wont believe the hell i go through to get things  

07 May 2006 18:11
hehe no dont worry i'll beleive that u whent through alligator that eat men infested swamp to get to ur computer lol now that would sux  

10 May 2006 03:16
its getting a new computer that sucks. i ask and i risk getting things taken away  

11 May 2006 04:22

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