a little idea for all those learning tricks

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i am sure you have all seen those trucks that are like rubber so they dont move and u can practice your tricks, well you might also know that they are somewhat expensive so here is a little d.i.y. idea for anyone who cant afford those.

if you have an extra board it can suck get it. go to the hardware store and by some rubber blocks. they have these little rubber blocks about the size a skateboard wheel. drill a hole thru them or just smash them onto your trucks where the wheels should be and voila!!! now you can learn your ollies and kickflips and what not without the fear of falling and the board slipping out. after you master it on these just grab your other board or take off the rubber blocks and put ur wheels back on  

06 May 2006 19:41
it would make it pretty heavy prolly  

06 May 2006 20:47
it would still be good practice tho, if it was heavy and then you learn shit on it, then you go back to your normal board you would be able to do shit higher cuz its lighter  

07 May 2006 18:13
ya thats y i am getting a really lite board cuz i am working on a HEAVY! board now  

10 May 2006 03:14
i have soft trucks, they havent really helped me a lot but i did do my first ever double heelflip on soft trucks  

11 May 2006 04:33

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