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I don't remember where I read it but someone was having problems with their fingers losing their grip. I have seemed to have that same problem now. I think jokingly someone suggested sandpaper. How do you get the grip back once your finger tips lost the skin and have gotten smooth?  

15 Dec 2003 11:51
I dont think that you would lose your grip because of smooth fingers look at anybodys fingers they look pretty smooth to me. The lack of grip might be sweat in that case a bit of chalk might help or in the case of over working the fingers and losing skin the finger get a little sensitive and puting a little super glue on will allow them to heal while still climbing.  

15 Dec 2003 11:52
Okay, this COULD happen. Everyone has different skin types. Mine happens to be peeling constantly, other people's skin seems to thicken up real well, and never fall off. Theoretically, if you're on a ghetto fabulous sloper, the physical properties of your skin could have some effect, but, if you're cripming down on a ledge, chances are it is your finger strength, rather than your skin.  

15 Dec 2003 11:59
One reason for slick holds at the gym: Skin cells and sweat from countless climbers before you have built up and created a slick, shiny coat over the texture of the hold.

Outside, sometimes hands just heal. If your skin is soft, the calluses have worn off. The only real way to get them back is to grit your teeth and push through.

I climb a lot in the winter, and I have found that this combination of cold and dry air builds up callus quickly. Also, these calluses tend to stick around for a while. May be just me, though.  

15 Dec 2003 12:03
My fingertips are completly smooth and callosed, I dont even have any fingerprints left at all, in addition I cant feel things with the same sensitivity as I used to, its kind of like my fingertips are just numb. But the truth is I never really loose any grip, if indoor and outdoor holds are too slick it is probably because of chalk build up. When I go bouldering I bring a toothbrush with me to scrape off all the excess chalk on the holds. Some indoor gyms don't clean their holds enough and the skin and chalk buildup happens like other people have said. If you are training too much on hangboards, or climbing too much your fingers may need a rest. Too much finger training and usuage, doesn't help with grip it makes it worse so make sure you take some time off here and there so you don't injure yourself. Oh and one other thing, a lot of people put hand lotion on their hands to get rid of the dryness form chalk, even when you wash it off some remains so stay away from lotion before you climb. Not that any of you guys here would ever admit to lotion but most of the girls I know that climb use it.  

15 Dec 2003 12:32

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