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ok so im just now hearing about these soft trucks and im wondering..... how do they help you with tricks? can someone tell me?  

09 May 2006 02:03
ive never heard of em  

09 May 2006 02:37
in the other thread i said hwo to make ur own soft trucks dotn watse money on real ones

they make it so ur board dosnt slide and u dont get afraid of falling and u can use em inside  

09 May 2006 02:51
im not gonna go out and buy jujst wondering how they help you with tricks? i read about em in ccs but it just says they help for indoor tricks. someone please answer  

10 May 2006 00:49
well i dont think that would work cuz it would make ur board really heavy so ya  

10 May 2006 03:11
no dude, i have soft trucks. they dont make your board heavy its lighter. and they dont really helped me with tricks a lot. i onlt use them when its raining and i want to skate. i can use them on the carpet.

i dont think theyre worth th emoney  

11 May 2006 04:34

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