freewheel and crank skipping

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Ok, i'm not sure why it is doing this but as i pedal now my bike makes a loud snap sound, any suggestions as to what it may be?  

18 May 2006 05:39
Your chain is skipping over a tooth.  

18 May 2006 06:41
or your chain is to loose  

18 May 2006 07:04
Which in-turn would be why the chain is skipping a few teeth.  

18 May 2006 17:16
exactly !!!!!!  

18 May 2006 23:42
that happens to me soemtimes, it oculd be because youre slamming down real hard all of a sudden to get speed quick, thats when it happens to me  

19 May 2006 23:25
your chains to loose lol  

20 May 2006 01:02
ill prolly take off 3 or 4 links this summer if it really bothers me but prolly not  

20 May 2006 20:42
check yer bearings  

21 May 2006 03:10
[QUOTE=bobe]ill prolly take off 3 or 4 links this summer if it really bothers me but prolly not[/QUOTE]
If your chain is honestly that long, how the fuck do you manage to ride without the chain popping off either the freewheel/cog or chainwheel? Or are you a n00b and have a chain guard on your bike? lol  

21 May 2006 03:37
my rollex freecoaster hub freewheel skips and it not the chain. i wish i knew how to fix it cos it is really bugging me and i cant afford to get it serviced just now.  

21 May 2006 18:29
Believe me i have no chain guard, but i do have fat ass kink fat boy chain, And i think im just gonna go for shadow chain it would be less of a hastle.  

23 May 2006 13:46
If you get the Shadow Interlock 2, you NEED the Park CT-2 Chain breaker.
Trust me, I know. I've broken 3 chain breakers so far, and 1 was a motorocycle one just trying to get 1 damn link off.  

23 May 2006 14:35
or u could just ue a grinder that would be easier  

23 May 2006 22:39
Nope, it's harder. I've used my 4 1/2" angle grinder to cut links off...  

24 May 2006 00:42
no u dont cut of the link, u grind down that pin then u use a punch and hammer it out  

24 May 2006 01:13
With the interlock chains, you can't do that. It's just that tight.  

24 May 2006 03:17
try moving your tire back untill your chain is tight thats what i did when my bike was making those annoying noizes  

01 Jun 2006 00:53
clearly noob lol  

01 Jun 2006 01:30
that makes no sense at all, move your tire back?  

03 Jun 2006 18:20
that does make sense, kinda

move not just yur tire but your wheel and it tightens the chain  

03 Jun 2006 18:21
i was riding yesterday and my chain was loose and i didnt know and i was going fast and the chain came off and jammed the wheel and i flew forward and got my balls raked on the frame..i fixed it and today the tire blew....and the seat broke....  

05 Jun 2006 02:43
Extreme Learner
yea mine pops like that and my chain comes off like 20 times a day so i really got to take some links off  

05 Jun 2006 23:02
or tighten it  

06 Jun 2006 02:33
my chain came off last saturday when i crashed.  

06 Jun 2006 04:15
well it was a mongoose( i know it sux) so i just threw it in a college dumpster  

08 Jun 2006 01:13
colleges have the best skate spots. they are the ownage. university of maryland has my favorite places. ever in wash dc, ill show you around  

09 Jun 2006 04:25

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