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Yo im tryin to pull a tailwhip but i cantm get it to spin all the way

first i put my right foot on the back peg
second i jam my left foot in between the fork and slam on the front brake and lean forward
the back ends lifts up and begins to spin but it only goes like 90 degrees  

21 May 2006 17:29

21 May 2006 18:15
dude, same here i do the same thing but i can spin it all the way around the thing ure doin wrong is go as fast as you would if you were going up a jump. Then stick your foot in the fork then jam on front brakes and whip it around and when the bike comes close to you! you jump and land on the pedals and ride away ive been trying it for about 3weeks and i got it also i leaned a whole bunch of combos to but i 1st need to master the "tailwhip" first.

so please take my advice! and have fun riding  

08 Jun 2006 01:18
old thread dumbass  

08 Jun 2006 01:19
tailwhips are hard. ive tried them, only once  

09 Jun 2006 04:18
i tried once and like i had swollen balls for a couple daysi was tryin and i like somehow giot the handle bars in my sack lol  

09 Jun 2006 07:42
how the hell did u manage to do that lol  

09 Jun 2006 21:20
you dont need to use your brake when doing tail whips just jam your foot between the forks and use your other leg to whip the bike round then when the bikes comes right round juist try and jump back on the pedals. i struggle trying to get back on the pedals everything else is easy!  

25 Jun 2006 18:03
ok i got to the side of of the bike and next thing i was laying on the ground with the handle bars in my nuts  

25 Jun 2006 21:03

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