Front FLip and Toe side backroll

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If you know how to do these leave a description below thanks...  

16 Dec 2003 13:19
The toe side backroll, it's nothing complicated just a straight back flip is all it is... Come into the wake toe side fairly hard, approaching the wake and riding up the wake have your chest and momentum leaning slightly forward, when you feel the pop and got air throw your head and chest straight back and pull your knees to your chest, make sure you dont close your eyes your gonna have to spot the landing , when you spot the water straighten you knees to land, now the difference between a toe side front roll(which is easier) and the toe side front flip is, if you were on the ground the toe side roll is like if you balled up and just rolled forward but the toe side front flip would be like doing a cart-wheel, the t/s front roll you will flip forward over the boards axis, where as the t/s front flip the board it's self will flip tip over tip, the t/s front roll, come into the wake t/s fairly hard when you feel the pop and get air simply throw your head striaght forward and down, tuck your knees to your chest and roll, straighen your knees to stop rotation and land, the t/s front flip is more complicated, come into the wake t/s and as you are approaching and as you are going up the wake have most of your weight on your back foot, when you are at the top of the wake pull your front knee up and throw your head and chest down towards the front tip of your board keep the handle in tight to your center, by throwing your head and chest to the front tip of your board this will start your rotation, the board will flip tip over tip dont throw your head toward the boat, this will cause you to get of axis, throw your head to the front tip, after rotation straighten your front knee and land, also it dont hurt to come in to the wake with arms out and as you get pop pull the handle into your center this can give you a little extra power for completing the rotation...  

16 Dec 2003 13:24

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