i dont know why

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i dont know why but half the time when i ollie while skateing my back foot slips off the tail...any ideas...please dont just tell me too practise

if thats all i can do the disregard this  

30 May 2006 23:42
zero or die 4867
when u ollie, after u pop, scoot ur back foot forward, so its not so far back on the tail  

31 May 2006 03:11
when you ollie, youre jumping foward, remember that  

01 Jun 2006 01:03
you might need some grippy-er shoes or new grip tape

and your landing your back foot on the tail if its falling off i think, you want to land on the bolts  

01 Jun 2006 03:29
mk thanks ^_^  

03 Jun 2006 00:11

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