what kind of grind?

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Extreme Learner
hey i was wondering what kind of grind im doing, i come up to a bar or something and i kinda like pull up my handle bars untill my stunt pegs reach the pole and it grinds while my back weel is on the floor moving so what kind of grind is that?  

05 Jun 2006 23:07
thats nothing lol  

06 Jun 2006 01:30
lol stunt peg  

06 Jun 2006 02:31
its called cheating at a manual. youre in a manual but using an object to cheat. not a trick...  

06 Jun 2006 04:19
lol thats not a grind what someone already said "your cheating to a manual "
try pulling your backtire up a little  

10 Jun 2006 16:09
no really lol  

10 Jun 2006 21:04
Hey the extreme learner you say your pro right. Well what kind of tricks can you do...."to get off topic"  

11 Jun 2006 04:20

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