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Frank Baumann
Hi I'm new to BMX. I wanted to know what to do to get in. I can do a small bunny hop, and I can wellie and Endo. I want to start grinding. what should I do to start out? I live nowhere near a skatepark that allows bikes in.  

06 Jun 2006 06:25
go bike there anyways  

07 Jun 2006 06:15
ummm... my suggestion is you should buy a little grinding rail from a store (bmx store, walmart) and there about 15ft. long i use one at my freinds house and there fun and theres an attachment you can use to put it on certain jumps (1018 jumps). so take my advice and have fun  

08 Jun 2006 01:03
who the fuck buys a rail from wal mart honestly  

08 Jun 2006 06:06
yeah haha i am gonna make one sooner or later......if only i had the cash to get the stuff  

08 Jun 2006 23:38
oh yeah that reminds me. i have pictures of my box now. theyre on myspace.


09 Jun 2006 04:17
i couldnt find it....i dont do that stuff  

09 Jun 2006 07:45
ya same i couldnt find the pics  

09 Jun 2006 21:21

just click on view my pics. ill link you, well you need to be logged in to view my pics...nvm  

10 Jun 2006 01:30

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