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chris bmxer
because of me one skatepark is going to built 100 meters of my house  

06 Jun 2006 20:24
thats pretty sweet  

06 Jun 2006 20:47
what did you do?  

07 Jun 2006 01:29
chris bmxer
one of my friend is the son of the mayor and beacause he is inliner i told him to say to his dad to built one but i ill have to wait for 6 months  

07 Jun 2006 15:01
see the mayor here is like a loser and we barley have enough money to keep the schools going
me and my friend are going up to the skatepark and we're gonna try to fix it....anyone got some small ramp plans?(4' quarter pipe) please  

08 Jun 2006 01:16
chris bmxer
go to ramprage and go to ramplans  

08 Jun 2006 15:47
thanks ^_^ preciate it  

08 Jun 2006 23:41
there were no parks in my county until this new park started being built in bowie. its said to open in july. but its.....all concrete. i guess since its the closest one ill have to give it a chance atleast.  

09 Jun 2006 04:28
yeah i cant wait till i move...i am getting whatever skate stuff(ramps ect.) in my back yard...yay!i am moving like next year tho and it takes a bit o time to builld it right?  

09 Jun 2006 07:47
chris bmxer
not realy i built a lunchramp in 4 days  

09 Jun 2006 16:19
i built my box in 2 hours  

10 Jun 2006 01:39
ya i built a box in around 2 hours with a couple of friends  

10 Jun 2006 02:24
yeah but i am building a halfpipe ,2 quarterpipes,a box or 2,and what ever i think of later  

12 Jun 2006 19:33
get good bearings. when i first started skating i thought i was bad because i could never get air. but i was on a walmart board and the bearings were the worst you could get for 50 cents. then i got element swiss, and oh boy!  

15 Jun 2006 17:16
haha i got gay bearings i am getting new ones soon..i heard they have abec 10s on the market.....  

15 Jun 2006 18:05
dont listen to that crap. i had abec 5 world industries bearings, bull shit. they were horrible. abecs mean nothing to me anymore. i just get what i like.

element swiss element swiss element swiss element swiss element swiss element swiss element swiss element swiss element swiss element swiss

/my favorite bearings ever, theyll last as long sa you take care of them and stay lubed as hell. ive had mine since last march 2005. and i still push and roll forever.  

18 Jun 2006 02:08
i had those bones reds i think, i forget wut they were called but everyone calls them reds, i loved em i rid those for the whole time i skated which was like 4 years and they roll like hell  

18 Jun 2006 02:24
i am getting new bearings soon but i have no cash cause i am getting a new bike..i think i will go with bobe  

20 Jun 2006 02:11

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