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I need to learn new tricks. anyone know some good tricks?  

08 Jun 2006 00:22
anyone got some tricks that i might be able to learn, ive just started so i dont now how to do anything yet.  

09 Jun 2006 10:41
Anyone know some tricks?  

12 Jun 2006 20:00
I know a few tricks that are pretty cool, however getting pics are hard on the internet...but the next time i go to the skatepark i'll post em up or put em on internet and a help guide how to do it...also the way learnt moves is seeing really awsome guys and ask them how to do it and do it lol if you fall get back up and do it again..... =]  

18 Jan 2007 00:46
i need some new tricks too!  

11 Jul 2007 00:30

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