what the hell happened???

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ok i was on a day or 2 ago and it was like messed up and i couldnt get on and now everything is messed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!did this happen to any 1 else???  

12 Jun 2006 19:37
ya i couldnt get to the site  

12 Jun 2006 23:00
chris bmxer
same to me  

12 Jun 2006 23:21
it said like "blah blah blah...15 online"  

13 Jun 2006 04:51
mr jones
I can't believe everybodys still on this forum. It fucking sucks.  

13 Jun 2006 23:20
meh your right but there is now where better except than like spaztix and/or dementeds forum  

14 Jun 2006 00:10
i wasnt on the internet period. ill be on a whole lot less now. my dad pretty much disowned me. im at the library  

15 Jun 2006 17:05
do you have to pay for the library computer use?  

15 Jun 2006 18:02
why wouold he have to do that, ive never heard of that lol  

15 Jun 2006 21:05
platteville does that!it sucks!but there is all these places where you can get free wireless  

15 Jun 2006 21:12
no way, you dont have to pay for anything in the library. thats why all the homeless people come here to masturbate. atleast near wash dc it is.  

18 Jun 2006 01:58
yeah thats why i hate platteville..  

19 Jun 2006 23:39

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