im trying to get my friend sponserd

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hey i live in brampton ont canada im trying to get my buddie sponserd he's really a sick biker he's only 18 and he's killing all the other bmxers im comps all around brampton and other citys he can do a lot of crazy shit he pulls off back flips back flip tire tap's the resone im trying to get him sponserd is cuz he dosint think he's good anuff i now and if u seen him u would think he is good a nuff to so if any 1 see's this plz email me at blake__187@hotmail and ill make a video and ill send pics just wanna get this guy noticed thanks  

13 Jun 2006 21:28
go too like some camps and bigger comps...make a video for a local shop  

14 Jun 2006 00:12
I say tell your freind go to the next copmitition then tell the person running it to like get someone that sponsers(sponser company) then send them a video od his tricks and hopefully it should work.

When u said back flips then i said how to hell is he not sponsered.  

14 Jun 2006 01:44
hes prolly in a small town  

14 Jun 2006 03:55
well then he should travel around to bigger places with bigger comps with more coverage  

14 Jun 2006 16:30
exactly what i was trying to say  

14 Jun 2006 19:31
ok sick thanks ill put some pics up  

15 Jun 2006 00:49
um ok
i dont own like a store or anything so dont expect me to like sponser him  

15 Jun 2006 18:04
the best thing you can do it the playstation big hook-up tour. that thing is HUGE. and the winner gets an entire free summer at woodward west AND east, $1000 cash, and a psp.

thats what it was last year, you can compete in bmx skateboard or inline.  

18 Jun 2006 02:05

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