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ok so i have the ollie down without moving. but when i roll at a medium speed or something and try ollieing the board always turns like almost a 90 degree turn and im not trying to...but when i just ollie this never happens.... any sugestions please???  

24 Jun 2006 08:38
sounds like youre trying to push the board up wit your back foot. dont do that, use your front foot to make the board float  

24 Jun 2006 23:00

25 Jun 2006 22:53
hey i know exactly what your doing.I had the exact same problem when i learned ollie. your kicking your backfoot at the corner of the board which makes it spin. so put your foot in the center of the back of the board and push straight down and it will go straight. then ollie land and roll away  

01 Aug 2006 06:54
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