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im going to be in vancouver this august for vacation. but i dont know too much about the city. do any of you people have suggestions of what someone like me would like? good skateparks or concerts? anything?  

25 Jun 2006 01:56
vancouver has good skateparks  

25 Jun 2006 09:19
well ur in luck. on august 10th you will be able to go to sounds of the underground. (its a concert)  

25 Jun 2006 10:15
i need names and locations people.

and whos going to be at the sounds of the underground?  

25 Jun 2006 20:36
as i lay dying, in flames, trivium, cannibal corpse, terror, the black dahlia murder, behemoth, the chariot, through the eyes of the dead, thats the line up for sounds of the underground  

25 Jun 2006 20:55
cannibal corpse? well, it might be worth going to then.

and isnt the slam city jam contest in vancouver? wheres the skatepark that they hold that?  

26 Jun 2006 03:19
ya slam city jams in vancouver, im not sure where tho, its prolly in the rink that the vancouver canucks play in  

26 Jun 2006 03:35
if its in a rink, then its not there year round, so i wont be able to skate it.

and this downtown plaza sounds very sexy....ill be skating there for sure.


26 Jun 2006 23:11
oh, and ill also be going to portland and seattle. burnside is a MUST in portland


26 Jun 2006 23:13
ill be sure to bring back bananas!

and look at thius video, its cool

04 Jul 2006 17:38
bobe i noticed the ( and on the bmx thread i made a list of stuff well videos from and you said you steal videos and i think thats mean to me taking credit for what someone else did.  

05 Jul 2006 02:40
im not taking credit for anything. anyone can obviously see the guzer thing at the bottom of the video and know i didnt make it.

and if you think its mean....people like you piss me off to no end  

06 Jul 2006 22:34

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